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June 05, 2007

Caddy day in the pool.

GREAT day today.

We hosted a pool party!

Yes, I actually had my shit together enough to host a party at my house. The house was clean. I prepared food in advance. And everyone had a great time!

We had three babies and one pregnant chick at the party. Everyone pretty much arrived on time. Everyone brought something to eat (which was not a requirement, but they�re all generous people and so they all decided to bring food). And all of the babies were ready to swim!

We had a 17-month old, a 13-month old, and Baby Catnip (nearly 6 months).

Baby Catnip has been in and out of our pool over the past few weeks and she LOVES it � so I knew she�d be fine. The older kiddo had only been in a pool as an infant so it was practically new to her � and the 13-month old baby was a little freaked at first but ended up loving it.

The moms all had a fabulous time, as well. We�re all neighbors, so we had neighborly stuff in common. Plus we have babies in common. So we all talked about mostly grown-up stuff, which was nice.

The consensus was: the party was nearly perfect, except for absence of margaritas. We decided as a group that this shall be remedied at the next pool party, and that the next pool party should be sooner rather than later!

The great thing about hosting a little party at our place is that I cleaned really thoroughly last night, so my house is pretty spotless. I keep it relatively clean most of the time, but it doesn�t get that white-glove treatment unless people are coming over. And really, it doesn�t take that long to get this place totally spic and span � so it was brief time well spent.

The other great thing about a pool party is it TOTALLY tuckered out my child. After about 90 minutes in the pool she started to get tired � I took her to her room to nurse her and she fell asleep. She took a 90 minute nap in her crib � which is pretty much unprecedented. So we�re going to swim EVERY DAY to tucker her out!

After most of the moms left one stayed and we chatted and let the girls play for an hour or so � then we loaded them into their strollers and took them for a looooong (about 3 miles) walk. Both girls fell asleep (and both girls are bad nappers) so we just kept walking until they woke up. It was great for us (exercise, talking), and great for them (sleeping).

All in all � a wonderful day.

This Mom thing is finally coming together.

I�m going to go to bed seriously early tonight. I�m tired and I want to catch up on my Zzzz�s.

Yay for happy summer days! Let�s hope we have many more of them.

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