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June 01, 2007

Sleep! And sleep, and sleep!

Pain control + sleeping baby = happy Lucy.

Seriously. The baby has slept well over the past three nights. So well, in fact, that it seems pretty miraculous. And now that I am somewhat removed from the previous not-sleeping situation, I am able to see that I was spending a large chunk of my day resenting her for her not sleeping (as if it were really her fault). But now � I no longer resent the baby. I am rested, and she is rested, and life is much better for both of us.

And let me just take a moment to point out that I KNEW she would sleep better outside of our bedroom, and I am yelling a big cyber �I TOLD YOU SO� in my husband�s general direction. I won�t say it to his face, and he doesn�t read this journal, so I�m really just getting that off my chest.

I have spent the last three nights sleeping in our guestroom. It is right next door to Baby Catnip�s room. That way, I can keep the monitor OFF, but I can hear her if she gets loud or antsy. The past three nights have been the best sleep I have gotten since long before the kiddo was born in December. The last three or so months of pregnancy were hard on me, sleeping-wise (remember all of my complaining back then? Oy!). And over the past nearly six months, either BC was keeping me up, or Blue was. (�Blue was?� you ask. �WTF?� Ahh yes. It seems that my dearest husband has picked up the pesky habit of snoring like a frigging freight train. And since my waking has been on a baby-hair trigger, the slightest snnngggzz noise would wake me up in an instant. And I�d be pretty resentful � because if I was actually sleeping � ugh! There�s that �resent� word again. Hmm!) Over the past three nights, with a solidly sleeping baby in the next room and NO snoring husband in the bed next to me � oh my god. I never want to go back to my bedroom again. I confess � I simply want to sleep in the guestroom forever and ever.

As for the pain control � aah. It�s almost perfect. I wish we could dial up the dosage a bit (and maybe we can when I see the doc again in a week) � the edge has been taken off the pain but the pain isn�t completely gone. I am MUCH happier now, though, and much less grumpy. Yay! Hooray! Yippee!

Baby Catnip is growing by leaps and bounds. She has become a most delightful little sprite and you can practically SEE the developmental leaps her brain is making. So very cool. I sometimes just sit back and watch her, with tears in my eyes. When she enjoys something new, or plays with something in a way she hasn�t played with it before, or makes a discovery, her face lights up and her eyes sparkle and you can almost hear her brain say, �Oh wow, cool!� It�s delightful. It�s a delightful time, and I am so glad to finally be here.

Hey, Demeter � I can�t comment on your blog because I don�t have an account there. But I hope Yael�s surgery went well � I have been thinking of you!

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